Zmysłowa Podróż - dla Dwojga

Make a journey to the fragrant, sensual islands of relaxation and tranquility. We offer you a package which will restore your vitality and strengths boosting your energy so you can discover new horizons together. Cleansing the body in a steam sauna followed by a rose or lavender scented body scrub will smooth out your bodies preparing them for the beneficial acting of the next treatments. We will offer you a mask on a waterbed or a moisturising and nourishing bath in the white algae. To let you fully relax, you will be given a classical-relaxing body massage. You will find some breathing space in the Relaxation Room sipping a glass of wine.


  • A session in the Rasul steam sauna (30 min.)
  • A fragrant Kurland body scrub with rose or lavender, performed by 4 hands (by two people) on a Hammam bed - for 2 people (15 min.)
  • A Kurland body mask on a Soft-Pack waterbed - for 1 person (30 min.)
  • A white algae bath in a SPA Capsule - for 1 person (30 min.)
  • A classical-relaxing massage with a fragrant face massage for two (75 min.)
  • A Relaxation Room with a glass of wine
Price 1008 ZŁ 1120 ZŁ
Time 150 MIN



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