Complete Gentlemen

A real man is not afraid of bodycare, he takes care of his body and soul. A real man also deserves relaxation. We offer you a moment of respite in the special, fragrant and relaxing environment. The treatment starts with removing the epidermis with a body scrub on a hot marble Hammam bed. The muscle tension, all the stress and negative emotions will be removed by a classical massage. After deciding on the type and condition of your complexion, we will also take care of your face matching the right cleansing treatment. - A glass of fragrant wine in the Relaxation Room will be waiting for you in the end of the treatment.


  • A fragrant body scrub on a hot Hammam bed (30 min.)
  • A classical massage (60 min.)
  • A face cleansing treatment matched to the skin type (60 min.)
  • A Relaxation Room with a glass of wine
Price 504 ZŁ 560 ZŁ
Time 150 MIN



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