Mama w SPA

You are facing the most important role. You have just become a mom. It is a great honour but also a great responsibility and a burden for your body.. You deserve a moment for yourself! Relax, rest, let us take care of you. We offer you a series of three postpartum massages which will help your body return to the pre-pregnancy condition. They will relax the tense muscles, help to tighten the skin and restore its firmness. A fragrant face massage will restore its glow and remove the stress and tiredness signs. In a mirror you will see a new, relaxed you! Find a moment to return to your little happiness, full of energy and ready for the new joyful discovering of the world!


  • 3 x postpartum Revitalisation Massage (60 min.)
  • 1 x A fragrant face massage (20 min.)
Price 480 ZŁ 500 ZŁ
Time 200 MIN



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