Magia Ciepła

We want to transfer you into the Far Eastern world of relaxation. A hot stones massage will make it possible. The stones have an unusual power - the massage relaxes the tense muscles, facilitating the right flow of energy in the whole body. It is a well-known and highly valued method, older than the acupuncture! The treatment is very pleasant and is recommended for anyone who is tired or weakened or just wants to get a bit of bliss in the everyday rush. Before the massage your skin will be cleansed with a fragrant scrub. You will get fully relaxed in our Relaxation Room with a glass of wine listening to calming music.


  • A fragrant body scrub on a marble Hammam bed (30 min.)
  • Hot stones massage (60 min.)
  • A Relaxation Room with a glass of wine
Price 323 ZŁ 340 ZŁ
Time 90 MIN



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