Chwila Luksusu

We will take care of your body and wellbeing in a luxurious and comprehensive way. We will start the treatment with a skin smoothing, fragrant body scrub performed on a marble Hammam bed. Your body and your muscles will relax during a classical massage. We will also take care of your face - gently, with the use of ultrasounds we will smooth out the skin with the ultrasound (cavitational) exfoliation. Then, we will rejuvenate and moisturise your skin. We will dress up your hands with a beautiful manicure. You will get fully relaxed in our Relaxation Room with a glass of wine. Indulge yourself with a bit of luxury!


  • A fragrant body scrub on a hot Hammam bed (15 min.)
  • A classical massage of the whole body (30 min.)
  • A facial treatment - ultrasonic (cavitational) exfoliation, ampoule, mask (45 min.)
  • A quick manicure with nail painting (30 min.)
  • A Relaxation Room with a glass of wine
Price 437 ZŁ 460 ZŁ
Time 120 MIN



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