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What is the Himalayan Crystal Salt?
The Himalayan salt is the healthiest and the cleanest salt in the world. When we talk about the Himalayan salt, we only have one type of crystal salt in mind – the one coming from the Eastern Karakorum range of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. This type of salt is fully clean and natural, just like the primal ocean. Crystal salt runs in pure, whitish, pinkish or reddish shiny veins of the salt mountains and crystallizes in the areas where an adequate pressure formed this perfect structure of crystal salt. In Medica SPA, the “Himalaya SPA” treatments are performed only with the use of this original Himalayan salt.

The Balls and salt stones massage is the most popular treatment among all the treatments which use the Himalayan Salt. This cutting-edge massage technique has been created by the Medica SPA physiotherapists.
massage-1170x586The hot discs and salt balls massage is for everyone. It will relax the healthy ones and bring relieve to the suffering ones. The treatment relieves muscle and joint tension and supports their recovery. It improves metabolism because it removes the toxic substances from the body. It helps to relieve stress. It guarantees physical and mental balance, health, well-being, stress relief and calming of the nerves.

The salt balls massage is for everyone. It is also highly beneficial for the beauty – after only a few treatments the skin condition improves significantly. The treatment is also beneficial to those suffering from joint pain or neck and spine pain.

The treatment begins with a warming ginger oil massage and is followed by the balls and salt discs massage which:
– nourishes the skin providing it with 84 minerals,
– restores skin elasticity and strengthens its structure preventing skin sagging
– stimulates circulatory and lymphatic system
– reduces stress and fatigue symptoms
– facilitates sleep

During the massage your muscles are pressed. The treatment is relaxing, restores vital strengths and reduces muscle and joint fatigue. It has cleansing and firming properties. It improves the lymphatic system of the body and blood circulation, fights cellulite, supports slimming processes and detoxifies the body.

The hot balls massage with the use of orange and cinnamon oil relaxes and warms your body while calming you down – it is highly beneficial during the autumn and winter time. Hot salt balls stimulate blood circulation so that the cells of the body are nourished and the skin oxygenated.

A massage with well cooled balls with a use of an energising pine or eucalyptus oil will perfectly improve your physical condition and complement physical exercise, as well as firm your muscles and improve blood circulation.

Other Himalayan Salt treatments available at Medica SPA:

A body scrub with the use of freshly grounded Himalayan pink salt (the treatment is performed on a stone Hammam bed).

sol-gruba-drobnaPure, unpolluted salt which originated when the Earth was still perfectly clean. It contains no pollution. In Himalayan crystal salt, the elements and microelements are so fine that they can be easily absorbed by the cells of the body and undergo the metabolic process. The Himalayan salt is not refined and has no chemical additives. It is not bleached.

A salt and sugar body scrub – rose with marzipan and Shea butter (the treatment is performed on a stone Hammam bed).

peeling roza z marcepanem Thanks to the combination of salt and sugar crystals with rose petals and marzipan, the scrub exfoliates the epidermis perfectly, detoxifies and restores skin’s firmness, glow, healthy colour and freshness. Shea Butter (Eco Cert) is the source of the A, E and F vitamins, improves skin elasticity and strengthens its hydrolipidic film. The carefully selected herbal oils: grape, soya and sweet almond oils, are nourishing, antioxidant, deeply moisturising and restructuring.

A salt and sugar body scrub – orange with coconut and Shea butter (the treatment is performed on a stone Hammam bed).

peeling ciala pomaranczaA restoring and nourishing body scrub which provides you with a gentle massage, stimulating the microcirculation. The oils relieve irritation, improve skin elasticity and smoothness, moisturise and recover the skin. The scrub gently oils the skin and restores its lipid film. Additionally, the orange gently bleaches the skin as it contains natural fruit acids.

A healing Himalaya bath in the SPA capsule (a bath with Himalayan salt: orange with coconut or rose with marzipan).

kapiel - roza z marcepanemA 100 % natural Himalayan salt with orange oil and coconut has been added to the healing, restoring and detoxifying baths for centuries. It has also been used in a form of a brine in various medical treatments (e.g. to treat skin irritation, skin diseases, infections and rheumatic diseases). The orange oil wraps the body in a beautiful, fresh, orange fragrance, making the skin velvety and silky.

The Himalayan salt stimulates microcirculation and oxygenates the skin. It also stimulates fat burn, disinfects, refreshes, relaxes, relieves fatigue and stress. The top quality rose oil (Rosa Gallica) is highly beneficial to the skin – it deeply moisturises and tones the skin, relieves irritation and provides the tired skin with healthy glow. A sensuous rose fragrance gives a feeling of a cosy, home SPA, calms down, relieves the nervous tension and lifts the mood.

– The session starts with a bath enriched with natural Himalayan salt. The next stage is a regenerating and nourishing body scrub on a hot marble Hammam bed. After the cleansing ritual, you are invited to a warm salt stones massage which nourish the skin providing it with 84 minerals and strengthening its structure. The salt stones massage also helps to fight cellulite and stretch marks , relieves fatigue and stress and restores physical and mental forces.